The M.O.M. Project, Mindfulness, Mindful Simplicity

Grief is a bridge to the Divine...

The quiet space within is where you find God, Spirit, the Divine, Source...

Your loved ones want you to know they are at peace...

To connect with our loved ones we must learn to quiet our body and mind.

Mindfulness teaches us how to be still and quiet within...

Knowing our loved ones are always with us brings incredible joy and peace...

With Spirit as our guide, we can rediscover the gift of life!

Grief is a bridge to the Divine.

Welcome…As you are learning, losing a loved one is an all-consuming process that challenges you on every level.  As a Healer, Intuitive and Coach I offer my support in the following ways:

  • Helping you learn how to adjust and transition to a spiritual relationship with your loved one (as opposed to a relationship in our human world).
  • Facilitating the completion and release of unresolved issues with your loved one that is now on the other side.
  • Guidance and support for accessing the still point within where spirit provides deep nourishing healing for our grief.
  • Empathy and compassion from someone who truly does understand.
  • Spiritual support and guidance for ways to heal and stay healthy through the grieving process.
  • Help with managing family and personal challenges resulting from the loss.
  • Learning how to recognize the many signs our loved ones give to let us know they are at peace and still with us.

Everyone’s grieving process is unique.  I am here to provide the support that you need most, and we adjust our time together as your needs change.  It can be difficult to see through the dark clouds of grief.  My role is to help you see through the clouds and to give you warm support to guide you through your very personal healing journey.

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Receive the peace of mind knowing your loved one is still with you!