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Practice being Mindful. Experience feeling Fearless. Savor the Bliss!

Welcome!  I am so thrilled that you are here!  The practice of mindfulness is the foundation of all resources, guidance and tools that you will find on this site.

Are you looking for solutions to the stress and overwhelm from your busy life?  Have you recently experienced a big loss?, an addiction?  Or do you wrestle with chronic disease, migraines or are you recovering from cancer?   Whatever has brought you to your knees, or at least to the realization that you need some kind of help, you will find support here:)

I created the seminar series Soaring 2013 based on 20 years of learning how to recover from devastation and loss.  From learning to be mindful, to eating a clean diet and building mind/body/spirit strength, I will share my secrets to living a fulfilling, joy-filled life–it’s all about taking care of yourself and finding your passion, your joy.  We can’t change the past but we can embrace our life moving forward and choose to become our highest and best self.

The Soaring Seminar Series is an inspired roadmap for anyone wanting more nourishment, fulfillment and joy! For anyone wanting additional support, I offer individual coaching online, by phone or locally.


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Fearlessness is the Destination. Mindfulness is the Path. Your Breath is the Ground.